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Smart cities

Advanced urban settings

Did you know that more than half of the world’s population lives in cities?

This means more traffic, waste and consumption of resources such as electricity and water.

How can we make them energy efficient? The answer lies in smart cities.

Cities consume
of the world’s energy per year.

It is estimated that in 2040 about 65% of the world’s population will live in cities, which cannot be sustainable. The only solution for urban population lies in smart cities.

These urban settings rely on modern technologies in order to provide their residents with a higher quality of life, but also to minimize their influence on planet Earth.

What can we do for smart cities?


Smart buildings provide a higher quality of life, and thanks to their functionalities they represent the buildings of the future. Smart Design plans and consults on building automatization, looking to provide you with a better future.


We track the energy consumption in various buildings and optimize it accordingly. This way we can lower the costs of everyday life and improve the systems’ reliability.


We believe that electric vehicles will completely replace petrol-powered ones in the near future. Therefore, we make sure that the cities are equipped with enough charging stations.


Sustainable energy sources can be located in urban settings as well, usually as solar power plants. We plan the solutions that will provide energy from sustainable sources in order to lower the cities’ emissions and improve their level of sustainability.

Smart cities save time and energy of their residents, improving the productivity of their residents and adapting the city’s infrastructure to the needs of modern times.

Final result?
  • Efficient consumption of resources
  • Lowering of emissions
  • Faster and more efficient traffic
  • Lower crime rate

Each segment of the city’s infrastructure can be “smart”. Modern cities that we plan for you will be comfortable, efficient and sustainable. They will be safer for the planet and for their residents.


  • Detailed, clear documentation
  • Finishing within the deadline
  • No hidden/additional costs
  • Leading the project from start to finish

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