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Energy audit

Thinking of purchasing or renting an apartment and you wish to know what the price of utilities will be? Or do you need energy renovation of a house or a building through an EU project?
Then you need an energy audit.

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit of houses and buildings produces an energy certificate. This document shows the energy properties of a building, i.e., the quantity of energy that a building needs to function.

There are eight energy grades, from G (highest energy spending) to A+ (lowest energy spending).

Who needs an energy audit?

  • Houses and residential buildings
  • Business spaces
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Public institutions
  • Other areas that need energy renovation.

An energy certificate is the key component of project documentation used to apply for EU funds or for national funds. These applications refer to energy savings projects and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Who must perform the energy audit?

Energy audits and energy certifications must be obtained from the persons who hold the authorisation for such projects, i.e., energy certifiers.
These authorisations are given by the government and last for five years. This way it is established that the certifier has all the knowledge needed for the job, and that he/she is familiar with the methods needed to define energy consumption.

SMART DESIGN is a licensed energy certifier and we will determine the energy grade of your building quickly, easily and efficiently, therefore delivering the energy certificate.

Energy audits all over Croatia.

Examination of buildings of various sizes.

Expert approach, fast auditing.

It is only with energy certificate that you may be sure about the building’s energy efficiency. This means that you will have a firm basis for further developments regarding the energy restoration, such as EU fund financing.

Do you need an energy certificate?

Send us an inquiry stating:

  • The size of the building
  • The location of the building
  • Desired deadline

We will contact you with an approximate offer as soon as possible!