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About us

Why should you choose Smart Design for smart system planning?

  • Higher level of comfort
  • More free time
  • Lower utilities cost

Smart Design is based on years of training and experience with solutions that simplify living, and are also energy-efficient. Who stands behind the brand?

Petra Mesarić, Petra Mesarić, Ph.D,

The passion for new technologies and an entrepreneur’s spirit have brought on a new chapter in my life, centred around Smart Design brand. Through it, I wish to lead the way towards more efficient energy consumption in homes and business areas, to achieve a better and safer future for all of us.

Automatization and energy efficiency are not just my profession, they are my way of life. The spaces I work and live in are adapted to my needs but are also safe and easy to manage. In other words, I live what I do.

This is why I can secure modern solution for every space, whether residential or business, and secure a high-quality automatization system that saves both time and money.

There are always some years that represent turning points in life or business.
These were the most important ones for me and Smart Design.


Certified smart house Vimar By-me installer. First smart house has been completed.


Master’s Degree, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

2013. - 2017.

Teaching assistant, Sustainable Development Department, Međimurje Polytechnic in Čakovec


SmartWay Itd. foundation

Certified KNX building automatization system installer

Certified lead auditor for ISO 50 001 building management


SmartUp energy consumption tracking system


Ph.D on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb: “Managing demand in a micro network, focused on advanced use of electric vehicles to store energy”


Award by Women in Adria, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year


Smart Design brand and platform foundation

The 50th international project completed


Certified electrical engineer


Designing nZED Training Centre, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar


Certified energy auditor.

My business guidelines


1 Times change, and advanced technological development leads to new solutions in building and smart systems management. Therefore, I always seek professional training and apply new knowledges and achievements.


The rush of everyday life often leads to a lack of free time for all of us. Therefore, I design systems that are meant to free your time from routine tasks and activities, but also to maximise your comfort.


A sustainability switch is visible in all segments of our lives because our current tempo harms both us and the plants. That is why all my projects are based on sustainable energy that lowers both your costs and its carbon footprint.